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We trace our success as a clinic grounded on the philosophy that each patient matters and deserves the most from quality care.

Location and Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Children below 13: Wednesday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

For Appointments, please call: (406) 534-4558

All Clinical Services

Clinical Services

  • General Physicals
  • Sports Physicals
  • Chronic Illnesses
    • Diabetes
    • High Blood Pressure
  • Respiratory Illnesses
    • Colds
    • Influenza
    • Strep throat
    • Sinusitis
  • Acute Injuries
    • Non-life threatening cuts, sprains, burns
    • No X-rays, no dental, no optometry
  • Child Immunizations
    • HPV, MMRV, TDAP, Meningococcal
  • Mental Illness
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • No: bipolar, schizophrenia, ADD or ADHD
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • STD Screening
  • Urinary Tract Infections

Behavioral Health Services

  • Chemical Dependency Program
    • BUIHWC provides Level 1 and 2 Intensive Outpatient Care at our facility. If necessary, a referral to another treatment facility is made. Intensive out-patient group takes place at the BUIHWC twice a week for individuals needing a higher level of care. Counselors do chemical dependency assessments for individuals needing treatment services¬† and have provided services to outpatient services.
  • White Eagle Circle Talk
    • Wellbriety meeting held in the group room at the BUIHWC Monday through Friday from 12pm to 1pm. The talking circle is based on the sacred tradition of sharing circles. People leading a traditional sharing circle will have a blessing from an Elder to do this and will use special prayers and sacred objects in the ceremony. In Talking Circle, each one is equal and each one belongs. Participants learn to listen and respect the views of others. The intention is to open hearts to understand and connect with one another.
  • 1 on 1 Anger Management

Other Services

  • Natives in Billings area will be offered transportation to and from Crow and Pryor clinics.
  • A thorough physical examination that can include a variety of tests depending on the age, biological sex and health of the person
  • This service will help individuals who are eligible to purchase coverage through a health insurance marketplace, learn about their new coverage options and enroll in coverage.

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  • This exam helps determine whether it’s safe to participate in a sport. Many kids and teens have a sports physical before they can start a new sport or begin a new competitive season
  • The connection between behaviors and the health and well-being of the body, mind and spirit. Services will be trauma informed and include how behaviors like eating habits, drinking or exercising impact physical or mental health.
  • In the near future the following behavioral health opportunities will be provided:

– Intensive Outpatient Treatment
– Yoga
– Fitness classes
– Parenting Classes
– Anger Management
– Coping Skills
– Wellbriety:
– Mending Broken Hearts
– Talking Circles – Smudging, Prayer, Confidentiality
– Medicine Wheel Teachings

  • If the Billings Urban Indian Health and Wellness Center is unable to assist you with your health need we will make sure you receive proper treatment through community referrals with our partners.
  • Billings Urban Indian Health and Wellness Center will be offering free healthy eating classes as well as tower garden health and nutrition classes.
  • Health education teaches about physical, mental, emotional and social health. It’s goal is to help individuals improve and maintain their health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviors.