Providing the best medical care for our community

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Committed To Each Patient

The Model of Healing is emphasized through BUIHWC’s official Logo (see below).

Looking directly at the picture seeing the Eagle which represents the patient who through their experience at BUIHWC will take their learned health strategies to their home and be empowered to control their own healthcare with knowledge, trust, and confidence.  BUIHWC”s model is… HEALING the body -which is BUIHWC’s Medical department, HEALING the spirit of alcohol through a State Certified Chemical Dependency  (CD) treatment program, and HEALING the mind through a referral system to Behavioral Health Integrated (BHI) Care.   The sweet grass braid represents all that is good and well in the patient’s life, knowing that their resiliency is woven with new knowledge gained through connecting with BUIHWC.